About us

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About us

Life101 has been running in-person life and financial skills programmes in schools since 2013.

We wanted a way to reach all young people, so in 2020 the development of the Launchpad concept began. With a team of content writers, developers, and designers, and with the regular input of young people, we’ve been working on it ever since!

Our vision

Employability, money management, and interpersonal skills have never been more important. In our fast-paced world, young people are expected to be robust, flexible, personable, and clued up.

Our vision is to see young people excited to step into adulthood, and confident and competent to take on the challenges and opportunities that life will throw at them.

The Life101 Launchpad is the fundamental life skills base for young people to reach their potential.

The team

Shar Aumua - Project Lead

Shar was drawn to Launchpad’s potential for social good by setting in motion good financial habits for young people, as well as their current and future families. When she was young and carefree, she spent as she earned. “While it seemed great, we all grow up one day, and believe me that day comes around quickly! You’re never too young to start preparing for the future.”

Shar Aumua

Project Lead

Phil Moon - Founder & Presenter

Phil infuses so much wisdom and energy into Launchpad as managing his own finances has been a big learning curve. As a kid, if he had money, he spent it, which led to borrowing more and more to buy all the goodies. With guidance from a friend he changed his relationship to money. Phil inspires us to learn from his mistakes, as mistakes can be the best teachers.

Phil Moon

Founder & Presenter

Nick Carroll - Founder & CEO

Nick’s a social entrepreneur whose frustrations with the low financial literacy levels experienced by many school leavers led to his vision for the Launchpad. “My dream is simple – for young people to complete the course, have fun doing it and do something practical with it.” Nick uses the jam jars approach to saving, particularly to fund his appetite for travel.

Nick Carroll

Founder & CEO

Izzy Montague - Content Creator

Izzy is a natural disruptor, always pushing for equity and with a desire to do things differently. She believes education is key to levelling the playing field and is passionate about Launchpad’s ability to communicate and connect with young people in fresh and dynamic ways – particularly through its use of plain language and accessibility features.

Izzy Montague

Content Creator

Carlie Reynolds - Admin Support

Carlie loves being a part of Launchpad, as she knows first-hand how difficult it is when real-world skills are not taught when needed most. Her biggest learning is that saving doesn’t mean much if you’re still in debt. Now she’s debt free and is so much happier for it. She fiercely believes the Launchpad content will help young people gain a more positive outlook on life.

Carlie Reynolds

Admin Support

Finick Creative - Design Partner

Finick Creative is a bespoke graphic design studio with a knack for creating tasteful and purposeful brands (that deliver). Projects are approached with curiosity and a desire to solve problems through a creative lens. Being involved with Launchpad has been an opportunity to celebrate this approach, creating an engaging experience that will make a difference. finick.co.nz

Finick Creative

Design Partner

Flight Digital - Technology Partner

Flight Digital is a digitally-led, customer-first marketing agency. We’re united by a passion for solving problems and a desire to make a difference – our involvement with Launchpad is a perfect match where we’ve been able to deliver an interactive, engaging and scalable online experience that has positive change for young people at its heart. flight.co.nz

Flight Digital

Technology Partner