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Equip today’s youth with practical, bite-sized life skills, empowering them to tackle adulthood with confidence and resilience.

Maximum student engagement with minimal teacher input!

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*Full funding opportunities available, please enquire.

Why use Launchpad?

No teacher time commitment required

The Launchpad is ready to go! There’s no prep. It’s an easy-to-follow, stand-alone course that your students can work on independently.

Fully flexible timing

Launchpad is broken down into a series of succinct 1-1.5 hour workshops. Each section within a workshop has an approximate completion time, making it easy to incorporate into a curriculum, class, or home-based learning schedule.

Use for self-directed learning or as a blended-learning resource

This course is so user-friendly that students can complete it independently. Educators can provide one-on-one support or use the Launchpad as a foundation for classroom discussions and activities.

In-built resources

Learners have access to workshop summaries, customisable templates (eg. CV, budget, goal-setting planner) which they can build within the Launchpad to craft their very own documents.

Promote problem solving & critical thinking

Scenario-based challenges, promote active learning and require the application of newly acquired skills. Simulations give them first-hand “real-world” experiences where they can learn from their mistakes without risk or consequence.

Cater to different learning styles

Learners engage with content in a variety of different ways – reading, video, audio, interactive activities (eg. flipcards, drag and drop, etc), quizzes, and pick-a-path scenarios. There’s something for all learning styles!

Learning doesn’t have to stop when class ends

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Learning doesn’t have to stop when class ends

Launchpad users can open their account on any device that has internet access, so they can learn and re-learn as much as they like, whenever they like, wherever they may be.

*Full funding opportunities available, please enquire.

Focus on the things that matter

Focus on the things that matter with Houston.

Forget manually rostering your students and ticking off completed tasks. With Houston, our administrator dashboard, you’ll be able to instantly see your course participant details, monitor student engagement, and view learner progress with a click of a button. Let us take care of those menial tasks so you can focus on more important things.

Houston admin dashboard

Send & receive

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Send & receive

Want to email a group of students who have fallen behind? Easy! Use Houston, our administrator dashboard. Simply select the students you want to contact, and it will collate their addresses into an email window ready to be composed. All you need to do is write a short message and hit send!

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If you think Aotearoa is doing enough to improve financial literacy, take a closer look…

A report by the Financial Services Council of New Zealand in January 2022, showed that although Kiwis have a high 86% level of financial confidence, financial indicators reveal the alarming truth…


Less than 30% could last for a month or less without earning an income.


40% weren’t sure they could raise $5000 in a week in time of emergency.


Only 43% considered themselves very or reasonably prepared for retirement, leaving 35% not particularly prepared and 23% not prepared at all.


45% would either rely on friends or family or weren’t sure how they would manage if suddenly unemployed or unable to work for more than 3 months.

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Pay for immediate access, or full funding available for larger groups.

Small group

$65 (per person)

  • Individual access for 1-39 users


  • 180 days access to all workshops and all Launchpad features
  • Chat support
  • Course certificate

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Large group

$65 (per person)

  • Individual access for a minimum of 40 users

All small group features, plus:

  • Free administrator subscription
  • Access to Houston administrator dashboard
  • Opportunity to have all users fully funded (ie. no cost to your organisation)

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What is the difference between an Educator Small Group subscription and a Large Group subscription?

A Small Group Sub is for 1-19 users and includes:

  • Full 180-day access to the Launchpad and all features
  • Course certificate
  • Resources and templates that can be customised
  • Workshop Summary documents

A Large Group Sub includes all of the above features for a minimum of 20 users, plus:

  • Free administrator subscription
  • Access to Houston administrator dashboard
  • Opportunity to have all users fully funded (ie.no cost to your organisation)

What is a free administrator subscription?

A Large Group purchase entitles you to an administrator account. The holder of an administrator account is an authorised person from your organisation (eg. a teacher) that will have access to the course and the Houston dashboard.

What is Houston?

Houston is our admin dashboard, which is only available when you register a Large Group for the Launchpad. It enables you to view course participant details, monitor student engagement and view learner progress for your classroom, school, or organisation.

Is it possible to purchase one stand-alone module or workshop?

You cannot buy one module or workshop. A learner must complete each workshop in the order that they unlock, as they are required to obtain certain skills and capabilities to progress. For example, learning how to get a job before learning how to manage your money and invest.

How do I apply for funding?

If you would like to find out more about how group access to the Launchpad can be funded, you can click on ‘Contact’ in the main menu, fill in our contact form and we’ll get in touch with you.

How soon can I gain access to the Launchpad?

If you are paying for a Small Group subscription via our website, once your payment has been processed, you will receive instructions to gain immediate access to the Launchpad. If you are purchasing a Large Group subscription, you will be prompted to fill in a form so we can review your requirements, set up a facilitator account, and generate an invoice. Full payment must be received before access to the Launchpad is granted.

How long will the group subscription last?

A subscription start date is triggered by an individual when they create their account. Any individual accounts under a group subscription must be created within 6 months of purchase. Upon creating an account, a learner will have 180 days access to 9 workshops. It takes approximately 9-10 hours to complete the whole course.

What happens when a subscription expires?

We’ll notify the learner when the subscription is about to end.

Can more than one person use the same login?

We recommend only one individual use the same login because the platform is personalised. It will log information to the user’s profile and save their settings, work, and preferences as they work through the workshops. If more than one person uses the same login, there will be crossovers in the data and the course won’t function properly.

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