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$65 (per person)

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  • 180 days access to all workshops and all Launchpad features
  • Chat support
  • Course certificate

Educator Group

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All ‘Individual’ features, plus:

  • Full funding opportunities available for Large Groups
  • Free administrator course subscription and access to Houston (admin dashboard) for Large Groups

Business Group

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All ‘Individual’ features, plus:

  • Free administrator course subscription and access to Houston (admin dashboard) for Large Groups

What young people are saying


What is included as part of an individual subscription?

  • Full 180-day access to the Launchpad and all features
  • Chat support
  • Course certificate
  • Resources and templates that can be customised to create ready-to-use documents like a CV or personal budget.
  • Workshop Summary documents

What happens after I pay for an individual subscription?

The intended holder of the Launchpad account will be asked to enter login details to create a personal account providing them access to the Launchpad for 180 days.

What is the Individual + Package and where does my money go?

When you opt to buy an ‘Individual+’ you are covering one learner subscription and Life101 will fully fund another individual that lacks the financial means to pay for access to the Launchpad.

Can I buy one stand-alone module or workshop?

You can’t buy one module or workshop. A learner must complete each workshop in the order that they unlock, as they are required to obtain certain skills and capabilities to progress.

How soon can I gain access to the Launchpad?

If you are paying for a Small Group subscription via our website, once your payment has been processed, you will receive instructions to gain immediate access to the Launchpad. If you are purchasing a Large Group subscription, you will be prompted to fill in a form so we can review your requirements, set up a facilitator account, and generate an invoice. Full payment must be received before access to the Launchpad is granted.

How long will the group subscription last?

A subscription start date is triggered by an individual when they create their account. Any individual accounts under a group subscription must be created within 6 months of purchase. Upon creating an account, a learner will have 180 days access to 9 workshops. It takes approximately 9-10 hours to complete the whole course.

What happens when a subscription expires?

We’ll notify the learner when the subscription is about to end.

Can more than one person use the same login?

We recommend only one individual use the same login because the platform is personalised. It will log information to the user’s profile and save their settings, work, and preferences as they work through the workshops. If more than one person uses the same login, there will be crossovers in the data and the course won’t function properly.

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