If you’re here, you recognise that in today’s competitive business landscape, your greatest asset is your workforce.

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Why the Launchpad?

We want to help you make a profound impact on individual job satisfaction and overall business outcomes.

Boost your team’s interpersonal skills

Open your organisation to the world of personality types in our Identity Module. Having this insight and self-awareness will empower employees to work to their strengths, identify areas to grow, manage stress, and discover ways to increase motivation and engagement. Learning about how to effectively communicate with others, will also improve team coordination, problem-solving, and workplace safety.


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Increase focus, productivity & job satisfaction

Help people build financial stability for themselves and their families with our Financial & Investment Modules. When a person has financial stability, they are less stressed and have fewer personal distractions. This gives them room to focus on their professional responsibilities, enhancing productivity, commitment, and job satisfaction in the workplace.

Unlock potential

Unlock the potential within your team

Invest in the talent you already have! When staff pursue personal goals, it typically involves acquiring new skills, knowledge, and experience, all of which make them more valuable to the organisation. Our Identity Module provides an opportunity for people to reflect on different areas of their lives and pinpoint specific goals they want to achieve. They’ll build a detailed Goal-getting plan filled with aspirations and the actions they need to take to make them a reality.

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Don't just start staff development programmes, finish them successfully!

Don’t just start staff development programmes, finish them successfully!

With Houston, our administration dashboard, you can see your list of participants, send emails, view course progress and completion in real-time, and identify any roadblocks. This gives you more time to focus on providing any necessary support and celebrate staff achievements!

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Why invest in workplace wellbeing?


A NZ study showed that employees who had good overall workplace relationships and wellbeing had a 91% level of satisfaction.


Happy workers are 13% more productive.


In the 100 Best (U.S) Companies to Work for in 2023, 88% of people were willing to give extra to get the job done.


For every dollar spent towards improving mental wellbeing in the workplace, employers will gain $2.30 in return through improved productivity, reduced absenteeism and presenteeism (reduced productivity at work), and lower numbers of compensation claims.

Business Packages

Small group

$65 (per person)

  • Individual access for 1-9 users


  • 180 days access to all workshops and all Launchpad features
  • Chat support
  • Course certificate

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Large Group

$65 (per person)

  • Individual access for a minimum of 10 users

All small group features plus:

  • Free administrator subscription
  • Access to Houston administrator dashboard

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What is the difference between a Business Small Group subscription and a Large Group subscription?

A Small Group Sub is for 1-9 users and includes:

  • Full 180-day access to the Launchpad and all features
  • Course certificate
  • Resources and templates that can be customised
  • Workshop Summary documents

A Large Group Sub includes all of the above features for a minimum of 10 users, plus:

  • Free administrator course subscription
  • Access to Houston administrator dashboard

What is a free Administrator Subscription?

A Large Group purchase entitles you to an administrator account. The holder of a administrator account is an authorised person from your organisation (eg. Manager) that will have access to the course and the Houston dashboard.

What is Houston?

Houston is our admin dashboard, which is only available when you register a Large Group for the Launchpad. It enables you to view course participant details, monitor learner engagement and view learner progress for your business or organisation.

Is it possible to purchase one stand-alone module or workshop?

You cannot buy one module or workshop. A learner must complete each workshop in the order that they unlock, as they are required to obtain certain skills and capabilities to progress.

How soon can I gain access to the Launchpad?

If you are paying for a Small Group subscription via our website, once your payment has been processed, you will receive instructions to gain immediate access to the Launchpad. If you are purchasing a Large Group subscription, you will be prompted to fill in a form so we can review your requirements, set up a facilitator account, and generate an invoice. Full payment must be received before access to the Launchpad is granted.

How long will the group subscription last?

A subscription start date is triggered by an individual when they create their account. Any individual accounts under a group subscription must be created within 6 months of purchase. Upon creating an account, a learner will have 180 days access to 9 workshops. It takes approximately 9-10 hours to complete the whole course.

What happens when a subscription expires?

We’ll notify the learner when the subscription is about to end.

Can more than one person use the same login?

We recommend only one individual use the same login because the platform is personalised. It will log information to the user’s profile and save their settings, work, and preferences as they work through the workshops. If more than one person uses the same login, there will be crossovers in the data and the course won’t function properly.

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