Launching self-aware, work-ready, money smart teens.

Designed specifically for teenagers, Launchpad focuses on imparting essential life and financial skills through interactive, scenario-based workshops.

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It’s the gift that keeps giving…

Protect your child’s financial future

With our Financial Module, your kids will learn how to save and budget their hard-earned dollars like true money masters. They’ll learn about debt, KiwiSaver, and even “adult things” like how to calculate their personal income tax or pay bills.

In our Investments Module, we introduce different investment types covering advantages, disadvantages, and risks, so they can make well-informed decisions that will help them grow a portfolio. Starting early gives your child the advantage of more time to grow and multiply their money.

Getting into the work force

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Help your kids get into the workforce

Imagine your kids treating you to lunch, buying their own things and even covering their fun outings! With our Work-Ready Module, they’ll finish with a completed CV, learn to job hunt, and practice nailing job interviews. Within just a few hours, they’ll have the tools, confidence, and know-how to get into the workforce and start earning their own cash.

Understand who they are

Help your child understand who they are

Knowing ourselves is important to personal growth and happiness, which is why we created our Identity Module. Your child will unlock their personality’s strengths, weaknesses, and motivations. They’ll also develop a clear goal plan. With heightened self-awareness, they’ll be able to navigate life’s twists and turns, build resilience, enhance their emotional intelligence, refine their communication skills, and foster positive personal and professional connections.

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Why choose the Launchpad?

Small bite-sized learning with big impact

We understand that complex subjects can sometimes feel boring or overwhelming, but with Launchpad, we’ve transformed them into interactive, easy-to-learn, bite-sized chunks, that provide tangible results. Your kids won’t just finish with a certificate, they’ll walk away with real-world skills and tools they can put to use right away, and well into the future.

The flexible learning solution for busy families

Accessible on any device with an internet connection, Launchpad is the perfect solution for busy on-the-go families. Don’t worry about balancing school and extracurriculars, our course is flexible enough to fit into the busiest of schedules. Your kids can learn at their own pace, and we’ll be there to support and encourage them along the way. Catering to diverse learning styles, we’ve incorporated a blend of reading materials, audio, videos, interactive activities, and pick-a-path scenarios to keep the learning journey engaging and fun for everyone!

Want to be involved in your child's learning journey?

Launchpad will give your child the option to register their caregiver’s details to their account so you can receive progress reports, and support their learning journey.


It’s easy for kids to assume they’re doing financially well if they don’t know they could be doing so much better!

This is common for so many Kiwis! A report by the Financial Services Council of New Zealand in January 2022, showed that although Kiwis have a high 86% level of financial confidence, financial indicators reveal the alarming truth…


Less than 30% could last for a month or less without earning an income.


40% weren’t sure they could raise $5000 in a week in time of emergency.


Only 43% considered themselves very or reasonably prepared for retirement, leaving 35% not particularly prepared and 23% not prepared at all.


45% would either rely on friends or family or weren’t sure how they would manage if they were suddenly unemployed/ unable to work for more than three months.

Launchpad Programme Pricing


$65 (per person)


  • 180 days access to all workshops and all Launchpad features for one account holder
  • Chat support
  • Course certificate

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What is included as part of an individual subscription?

  • Full 180 days of access to the Launchpad and all features
  • Chat support
  • Course certificate
  • Resources and templates that can be customised to create ready-to-use documents like a CV or personal budget.
  • Workshop Summary documents

What happens after I pay for an individual subscription?

The intended holder of the Launchpad account will be asked to enter login details to create a personal account providing them access to the Launchpad for 180 days.

What is the Individual + Package and where does my money go?

When you opt to buy an ‘Individual+’ you are covering one learner subscription and Life101 will fully fund another individual that lacks the financial means to pay for access to the Launchpad.

Can I buy one stand-alone module or workshop?

You can’t buy one module or workshop. A learner must complete each workshop in the order that they unlock, as they are required to obtain certain skills and capabilities to progress.

How soon can I gain access to the Launchpad?

Once your online payment has been processed, you will receive instructions to create an account and gain immediate access to the Launchpad.

How long will my subscription last?

A subscription start date is triggered by an individual when they create their account, which must be created within 6 months of purchase. Upon creating an account, a learner will have 180 days access to 9 workshops. It takes approximately 9-10 hours to complete the whole course.

What happens when a subscription expires?

We’ll notify the learner when the subscription is about to end.

Can more than one person use the same login?

We recommend only one individual use the same login because the platform is personalised. It will log information to the user’s profile and save their settings, work, and preferences as they work through the workshops. If more than one person uses the same login, there will be crossovers in the data and the course won’t function properly.

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